09/04/2013 11:14 am ET

Paul Greengrass Shoots Down 'Bourne 5' Rumors As 'Figment Of Someone's Imagination'


Fans holding their breath for another Bourne movie from the team of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass can exhale now. In a new interview with Empire Online, Greengrass has shot down the rumors of a reunion as nothing more than "a figment of someone's imagination."

The buzz about another Bourne collaboration between Damon and Greengrass started in late August when the website Twitch Film reported that Universal was kicking the tires on a potential fifth "Bourne" film. (The fourth film starred Jeremy Renner as a new character named Aaron Cross; neither Greengrass or Damon were involved in that feature.) Universal was quick to throw cold water on that notion, however, noting that no discussions were being conducted between the studio and Damon or Greengrass.

"Listen, I loved the Bourne movies," Greengrass told Empire Online. "I loved making them but it's like anything in life: you've got to move on and do different things." Greengrass' new film is the Oscar hopeful "Captain Phillips."

For more from Greengrass, head to Empire.

[via Empire]

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