09/04/2013 05:32 pm ET

Regional Slang Words, Explained By John Green (VIDEO)

Regional slang words serve as a reminder of just how vast America is, geographically and culturally. Plus, they're usually pretty hilarious. To wit: Philadelphians call sprinkles "jimmies," and slushies "water ice." Canadians refer to garbage disposals as "garburators." Garburators?! Yes, garburators.

As evidenced by North Carolina State University's wildly popular dialect maps, a whole lot of regional slang has to do with food, and we don't just mean the age-old coke v. pop argument.

That's excepting New Englanders, who seem use a host of non-culinary slang. They refer to basements as "cellars," and incessantly using "wicked" as an adjective, as in, "it's wicked cold." Quips John Green in his above video explaining regional slang, "I'm starting to think, New Englanders, that you just want to be different." Check it out!