09/05/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Burning Man Spaceship Explodes In Nevada, Results In Epic Snapshot

Photos from the week-long utopian art festival known as Burning Man are starting to emerge, giving us regulars a glimpse of radical burner life. So far no photo has quite captured our attention like this one of a burning spaceship, uploaded to Flickr by an artist named Julia.

burning man ufo

This year at the playa 61,000 participants gathered to watch the ritual torching of The Man, perched atop a spaceship designed by Lewis Zaumeyer.

The spacecraft was built particularly for this year's theme, "Cargo Cult," based on a myth that recounts how the Melanesians worshipped a mysterious deity during World War II, eventually constructing a "totemic sky-craft" to summon back their otherworldly icon.

Both the towering Man and his 21st century, space-savvy mode of transportation went up in flames this week, creating explosive visuals that put even our imaginations to shame.

"Earlier in the day, I got the, 'You should put your camera down and just enjoy things' platitude I hear so often repeated," Julia recalled on Flickr. "I said that I am creating art, and he said that someday when I'm his age, I'll 'understand that you can't live life through a lens'… Yeah, so, fuck that guy." We have to admit we're pleased that Julia snapped this epic shot.

Stay tuned for more Burning Man photos!