09/05/2013 12:20 pm ET

Dane Kaohelani Silva On The Importance Of Aloha At HuffPost Hawaii's Third Metric Event (VIDEO)

Among mainlanders, there's a common misconception that "aloha" translates simply to "hello” or “goodbye.” But the word encompasses much more than that: compassion, love, peace, and a way of living that embodies the spirit and values of Hawaii.

On Wednesday, Arianna Huffington moderated a panel discussion to spotlight the many ways Hawaii is a leader in redefining success beyond money and power. In the clip above, Dane Kaohelani Silva, director and founder of the Hale Ola Hawaiian Healing Center, explains the value of "aloha" and the many ways it reflects the values of the Third Metric.

"The feeling of aloha is the value that we treasure here in Hawaii," Silva said. "If we can develop our personal power, we can use it to help each other and the environment in a very sacred way." Watch the video above to understand why when it's success you're after, aloha is the way to go.

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