09/05/2013 05:32 am ET Updated Sep 05, 2013

'Duck Dynasty': Jase Moves In With Willie, Is The Worst Houseguest Ever (VIDEO)

While his house was under renovation on "Duck Dynasty," Jase moved in with his brother Willie. Almost immediately, he proved to be the worst houseguest ever.

First, he stole Willie's TV chair and then spoiled the results of a baseball game Willie was waiting to watch. Then, he woke up at four in the morning and made a ton of noise in the kitchen. He was cooking up a special steak that Willie had been saving for himself. Jase was going to eat it on a fishing trip.

But the huge mess in the kitchen in the middle of the night wasn't even the biggest problem.

“What is that smell?" Willie's wife, Korie, asked.

“It’s a beaver," Jase said calmly.

“Jase, why is there a beaver in my sink?”

Jase explained that he killed the beaver and that it stank because that's what a rodent smells like. Then, Willie's daughter Sadie picked up a crawfish from the floor. When asked how that got in the house, Jase explained, "Look, I got some crawfish in the tub. I’m purging them. Don’t panic.” Which bathtub? Why Willie and Korie's master bathtub, of course. There was about 100 lbs. of crawfish in there.

In the end, though, everything was resolved. Jase put together a crawfish bake to thank Willie and Korie for their hospitality. But was it enough for them to ever have him back as a houseguest?

Penn Live's Marcus Schneck loved watching the brothers bicker, particularly appreciating this line from Willie: "You can't kick your family out on the curb. The porch is still an option, though."

Despite how frustrating it was for Willie and Korrie, CarterMatt saw a positive side to Jase's behavior. "There have been times when Jase is characterized as lazy, but we will say this: A genuinely lazy person does not cook steak at 4 in the morning in order to prepare for a fishing trip. The idea that this managed to annoy the heck of Willie made it all the more entertaining.”

The family fun continues on "Duck Dynasty" every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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