09/05/2013 02:17 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2013

White House Presses Syria Case With New Website

WASHINGTON -- In a bid to strengthen the case for U.S. military intervention in Syria, the White House on Thursday launched a new website designed to help the public "learn more about President Obama's response to the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons in Syria and get the latest news from the White House about the situation."

White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice announced the new site in a tweet:

The website represents the latest step in the Obama administration's full-court press to bolster support not only in Congress but among the American public for proposed military strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In addition to the website, administration officials are considering the possibility of having the president address the nation from the Oval Office during primetime, possibly on the eve of what is expected to be a close vote next week in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The task of convincing average Americans to back the strikes, however, is a steep uphill climb: Military intervention in Syria remains deeply unpopular, with a recent Pew poll showing only 29 percent support airstrikes "in response to reports that the Syrian government used chemical weapons."



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