09/06/2013 10:11 am ET

Armand Fernandez-Pierre, High School Senior, Plays Defensive Line And Cheers At Half-Time (VIDEO)

Football or cheerleading?

For Texas student Armand Fernandez-Pierre, the decision is not so black and white. The 335-pound football-playing cheerleader holds down the his Dallas preparatory school's defensive line during game time then switches out his uniform to cheer at half-time.

The high school senior told local Fox affiliate KDFW that cheerleading "is about encouraging each other and moving forward as a group and a team." But, when it comes to football, he admitted that he loves to be able to be brutal.

Fernandez-Pierre started out playing football, but after he suffered a spinal injury in eighth grade, he resigned from the contact sport, ABC News reports. During high school, he took up cheerleading. However, after his school's coach approached him in the cafeteria, Fernandez-Pierre couldn't pass up the opportunity to be on the team his senior year.

The defensive lineman helped led the Episcopal School of Dallas to an astonishing 41-7 win against John Paul II High School last week. On Sept. 6, Fernandez-Pierre and the team will face Brock High School in a home game.

Watch Fernandez-Pierre's game highlights in the video below. (He's No. 76).



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