09/06/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

Brian DeLaney, Paralyzed Gay Navy Commander, Will Move You To Tears

A gay Navy commander who was recently paralyzed still has many things he's thankful for. Watch him tell his story and express his gratitude in the video above, and feel free to salute or cry.

To many readers of the Navy Times last fall, Brian DeLaney may have been just a headline. A 17-year veteran and skipper of the amphibious USS Harpers Ferry since 2011, he survived a motorcycle crash on Oct. 30 but was left with injuries serious enough to require a change of command on the ship, the article said. And that was about it.

A recently posted video produced by Embrace San Diego, an organization that helps homeless and military veterans, shows DeLaney telling a bigger story. He speaks of his adjustment after severing his spinal cord, of the loyalty of his partner of 14 years and of his love for the Navy.

DeLaney, of course, also thanks Embrace's Healing Our Heroes program for remodeling his home free of charge. The renovation, valued at about $85,000, begins Oct. 13.

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