09/06/2013 01:40 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

CNN's Carol Costello Stands By Harsh Rush Limbaugh Tweet


CNN's Carol Costello isn't backing down after some harsh words about Rush Limbaugh caused a minor storm in the conservative media world.

Here's the backstory: when HuffPost Media tweeted about Limbaugh's upcoming children's book, Costello tweeted back that she was a "little sick now."

Costello and Limbaugh have something of a history; he has called her an "info-babe" and told her to "sit on a fire hydrant" after she called him a bully, among other things.

Naturally, Costello's tweet raised eyebrows among the Breitbarts and the Newsbusters of the world.

On Friday, though, a spokesperson told TV Newser that Costello was standing by her words.

For his part, Limbaugh replied on his radio show:

She's been sick over her ratings, I mean, ever since, 20 years. There aren't any ratings. I mean, she's immune to sickness from her ratings.



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