09/06/2013 12:50 am ET

Danny Trevathan Fumble: Broncos' LB Starts Celebrating Too Early, Gives Up Touchdown (VIDEO)

Danny Trevathan reserved himself a place alongside Leon Lett and DeSean Jackson in any list of NFL blunders with this boneheaded play in the NFL opener.

The Broncos' linebacker fumbled away an easy touchdown by beginning his celebration too early after intercepting a pass thrown by Joe Flacco. With his Broncos already leading 42-17, Trevathan seemed as if he had put the game out of reach with an impressive pick-six. Instead, he let the football slip from his grasp as he began to celebrate his big play before actually crossing the goal line. Officials determined the ball rolled out the back of the end zone and ruled the play a touchback, returning possession to the Ravens.

Given a reprieve, Baltimore promptly marched down the field for a touchdown. Adding injury to infamy, Trevathan's teammate, Wesley Woodyard, was injured attempting to recover Trevathan's fumble.



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