09/06/2013 02:33 pm ET

Men Attempt To Do A Makeup Tutorial In Hilarious Mashable Video

If you need a break from all the serious style news going on right now at New York Fashion Week, we have just the remedy. Mashable released this insanely funny video of three men trying to recreate beauty expert Michelle Phan's heavy "smoky eye" look. Their attempts had us LOL'ing at our desks.

In the video, the guys find it extremely hard to use a "torture device", also known as an eyelash curler. And they complain about getting eyeshadow brushes close to their eyeballs ("My eyes keep twitching, I don't like getting paintbrushes near them"). One also found poetic beauty in the art of applying eyeshadow: "If I had to describe it, I would describe it as my eyes are being tickled by a thousand little leaves of wheatgrass."

Seriously, watch the video. And guys, after viewing, we advise you don't ever complain again about how long it takes us girls to get ready.


Maybe they should take some hints from these guys...

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