09/06/2013 08:33 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

Matt Lee, AP Reporter, To State Department: Did Obama, Kerry Get 'Spine Removal Procedure'?

AP reporter Matt Lee grilled the State Department on Thursday about the Obama administration's handling of Syria, asking if everyone at the White House got a "group spine removal procedure."

Lee was at the State Department press conference and grilled spokeswoman Jen Psaki over Secretary of State John Kerry labeling of President Obama's decisions as "courageous."

"I don't understand why he is so full-throatedly in favor of this," the reporter said about Kerry. "He over the weekend said the president was acting courageously by taking this to Congress, and I don't understand what is courageous about asking permission for something that you say you don't need and to do what you believe to be the right thing not just morally but in general."

Psaki began to respond, before Lee interjected, "Was there some kind of, like, group spine-removal procedure at the White House over the weekend? I don't understand. How is this courageous?"

Psaki said that Obama did have the authority to act without a Congressional vote, but that Congress' approval would "strengthen [his] case."

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)



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