09/06/2013 02:31 pm ET

Scott Walker Administration Admits Wrongdoing In Capitol Police Chief's Raise, Takes Back $720


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's administration has admitted to miscues surrounding the state Capitol police chief's pay raise.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Thursday that $720 will be taken back from an 11.7 percent bump given earlier this year to Chief Dave Erwin. According to the Associated Press, Erwin will continue to receive his new $111,067 salary, up from the $99,387 he earned as a July 2012 hire.

Earlier in August, the Journal Sentinel reported that Erwin's raise was obtained after he was transferred to a phantom position for a two week period, and then back to his police chief role. State Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) called for an audit of that move, charging that Walker violated state laws which only allow raises in limited circumstances.

Earlier this month, Richards told the Journal Sentinel "there should be no confusion" on this. He applauded the decision Thursday.

"The fact they overlooked an important statute makes me even more concerned people weren't following the rules when they gave him an enormous pay raise," Richards told the paper.

While the news dropped in Wisconsin, Walker was on a more national circuit, delivering remarks at a Seattle think-tank fundraiser. According to the Seattle Times, the governor spoke of how conservatives can "reclaim our country," amid a chorus of 300 protesters rallying against his visit.

The protests appeared to do little to faze Walker, with the Times reporting that he said he felt "quite at home."



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