09/06/2013 03:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Single Mom's House Rules Prove She Means Business (PHOTO)

It's hard enough being a single parent, but try being one when you're juggling college coursework and all the demands at home. Now that's difficult.

That's why we totally approve of the house rules one single mom on Reddit recently established in her home after deciding to head back to college.

"As a single mom who has gone back to college with one HS senior and a college junior in the house I felt the rules needed an update," she said, while posting a photo of the new and improved rules:

Seems like a fair trade to us!

Tell us what you think of this mom's whiteboard requests in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for some of our favorite celebrity single moms.

Our Favorite Celebrity Single Moms

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