09/07/2013 11:51 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2013

'PBS NewsHour Weekend' Host Hari Sreenivasan On Diversity: 'We're More Sensitive To The Fact That The Country Is Changing' (VIDEO)

"PBS NewsHour" is making all kinds of waves these days--first, with the announcement that Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff are going to be the show's main anchors, and then with the debut on Saturday of the program's first-ever weekend edition.

On Friday, weekend anchor Hari Sreenivasan appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about "PBS NewsHour Weekend," which will extend the "NewsHour" brand across seven days.

"I think it's a natural evolution," Sreenivasan said to host Marc Lamont Hill of the weekend program. He said he wanted to "be able to provide content for a lean back or lean forward viewer," meaning that it would be useful for people watching passively on their televisions or searching out the content on the Internet.

Sreenivasan said that he hoped web viewers would be especially well-served by the show.

"Where are their trusted sources?" he said. "Where can they go to make sure that this is information that they can count on before they open their mouth and tell somebody else about it?"

In a blow for media diversity, the choice of Sreenivasan also cements "Newshour" as the one evening newscast without a white male anchor on any day of the week.

"I think we're more sensitive to the fact that the country is changing," Sreenivasan said. "I think that we're reflecting that a bit faster."

Watch the full interview here.



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