09/07/2013 02:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Signs That You Are Dating a Disney Prince

(Courtesy of Oh My Disney.)

Put your mind at ease, because we finally have a list that will help answer the ultimate question that we know has been endlessly plaguing your thoughts: are you dating a Disney Prince? Here are the signs to look for to discover the truth. (

He will probably be charming. That just goes without saying. Sometimes, he’ll even be named “Charming.” Or maybe just Eric.

disney 1

Said bloke will show up out of nowhere at just the right point in the song you are listening to/singing.

disney 2

And maybe he’ll show up again out of nowhere at just the right point to wake you from a magical spell.

disney 3

He’ll have a thing for wearing tights/male leggings (either name for them is correct).

disney 4

disney 5

You might be dating a Disney Prince if his preferred mode of dance is a smooth, romantic spin, as evidenced here:

belle gif

And here:

disney 7

And here:

disney 8

He might be a bit of a show-off. But come on: what’s the point of being a DISNEY PRINCE if you don’t get to flaunt it every now and then to all the non-princes.


His hair is better than yours. You might have Ariel-level bangs and Rapunzel-quality shine, but come on, just look at Prince Eric. LOOK AT HIM.

disney 10

If you’re still not sure if you’re dating a Disney Prince, inspect the teeth. They are sure to be astonishingly nice, white, and sparkling.


Disney Princes also have a real knack for accessories. Check out this cape + jaunty cap combination.


As far as romantic logistics, Disney Princes are pretty idealistic about the concept of “the ONE.”


Step aside, everyone else!


He might be a frog. This sign is less helpful when one considers all the frogs out there, but in the spirit of lists, we’re mentioning it.


You might be dating a Disney Prince if he lives in a castle. (This one seems pretty obvious, but Belle didn’t exactly pick up on this one right away, despite all that book learning.)


And finally, if you are truly and really dating a Disney Prince, he can probably do this: