09/07/2013 09:05 am ET

Wind Turbines Don't Actually Reduce Home Values, Study Finds

There tends to be two very distinct reactions to wind farms: Applause from those who are for renewable energy, and screaming from climate change-deniers and the occasional waterfront property owner or two. But FastCo Exist reports that a recent study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that the latter has absolutely nothing to worry about, because data shows that living near wind turbines had zero impact on home values. Nada. Zero.

In fact, here are a few run-of-the-mill things that impact home values more than wind turbines:

- "Antique" stoves
- Overly personal decor
- Clotheslines

The "NIMBY" factor regarding wind turbine farms might have been largely manufactured anyway. In 2012, The Guardian revealed a PR strategy memo from American Tradition Institute (which isn't a greeting card lobby, though it sounds like it should be) that outlined tactics to "sue for property value loss to small land holders" as a way to take down the wind industry. Nice try.

For more about wind turbines and property values, visit FastCo Exist.

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