09/08/2013 01:24 pm ET

Obama Giving Interviews On Syria To Six News Networks


President Obama will give interviews to CNN, PBS, Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC to air Monday, the day before he is scheduled to speak about Syria on Tuesday.

Politico's Mike Allen reported that Obama is sitting down with PBS' Gwen Ifill, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Fox News' Chris Wallace, ABC News' Diane Sawyer, CBS News' Scott Pelley, and Brian Williams or Savannah Guthrie at NBC News, depending on doctors' orders about Williams' recent knee-replacement procedure.

Obama's interview with Chris Wallace on Monday marks a rare sit-down with Fox News. His other interviews with the network included when Bill O'Reilly interviewed him during the Super Bowl pre-show in 2011, when Fox News hosted the Super Bowl, and when Bret Baier sat down with the president in 2008. There is, of course, no love lost between Obama and the network.

Obama has been making the case for U.S. intervention in Syria, and is slated to address the nation about Syria from the White House on Tuesday night 9 p.m. EST.



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