09/08/2013 01:52 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2013

Yahoo Intern's New Logo Design Was Way Better

Yahoo unveiled a new company logo last week, but it appears one of the designers who helped come up with the concept may have had other ideas.

After the new logo was revealed, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer personally thanked design intern Max Ma for his help crafting the new design. But as Business Insider pointed out, Ma may have thought that the company should have gone with another design. The Yahoo intern previously hosted his alternative design on his personal website, according to Business Insider, but has since taken his site entirely offline.

Here is a photo of the new company logo that Yahoo recently released: And here is a photo that Brad Ehney tweeted of the alternative logo that has since been pulled from Ma's website: Once the other logo went public, many people went to Twitter to express their preference for the unchosen design:


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