09/09/2013 03:18 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2013

Do Fashion Shows Really Need Celebrities? (VIDEO)

If no celebrities show up, did a fashion show really happen?

It's a question many designers must ask themselves as they send out the invites and prepare their Fashion Week runway shows. Some designers, like Opening Ceremony and DKNY, have carefully placed famous faces in their front rows (Rihanna, Justin Bieber) and on their actual runways (Rita Ora). But other designers let the clothes speak for themselves.

Are the designers who eschew the fame frenzy better off, or do they suffer from the lack of spotlight that celebs so readily lend? Watch the video above to hear HuffPost Style senior editor Ellie Krupnick take up the question on HuffPost Live, and let us know what you think!

Catch the full segment on HuffPost Live.

Celebs who've made themselves known:

New York Fashion Week: The Front Row

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