09/09/2013 09:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Justin Bieber's Fashion Week Appearance Made For A Stoic Return Of The Bowl Cut


The Fug Girls spotted Justin Bieber in the audience at the Y-3 "Meaningless Excitement" show ... and the petit pop star was strangely composed, sitting alone, devoid of his customary swarm of Beliebers. "Has Bieber Fever dulled into merely a clammy malaise?" they wondered.

Bieber snapped fan photos with the few members of the New York Fashion Week crowd that fit into his demographic, but was otherwise calm, keeping to himself behind a giant pair of shades and miniature mustache. With his stoicism and those giant sunglasses, it was almost as if he was a tiny, Canadian version of Anna Wintour.

Although, for one particular choice he made that day, Bieber was just channeling Bieber. His hair, not hidden in a hat or hoodie, is no longer spiked up, and once again styled in that iconic cut we most associate with him. Behold the return of the bowl cut:

justin bieber

Guess this means he's not being deported.



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