09/09/2013 11:36 am ET Updated Sep 09, 2013

Matt Braunger's Past And Future Collide So He Doesn't Quit Comedy (VIDEO)

Thanks, to the Internet, stand-up comedy is somehow both more popular and creative than ever, while simultaneously more and more difficult to monetize. And comic Matt Braunger knows it.

In this video, Braunger confronts his past and possible future as they convince him to continue down his path as a stand-up comedian. Think of it as "A Christmas Carol" meets "Multiplicity," except if Ebenezer Scrooge or Michael Keaton realized that they might become a coke-addicted schoolteacher if the future doesn't work out.

The video ostensibly promotes CC: Stand-Up Direct, which is the cable network's answer to the Louis C.K. model of releasing specials as a download directly to consumers for $5. That's the price Comedy Central is offering for specials from comedians like Braunger and Demetri Martin, as well.

So not only will this new venture offer inexpensive comedy specials, it might prevent your favorite comics from giving up the game in an ever-changing world. Win/win.



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