09/10/2013 02:32 pm ET

Brett Bishop, Nursing Student, Stole Pork, Slashed Tires, Burned Flag In Bizarre Crime Spree: Police

Peru Police

Nursing student Brett Bishop came over to his neighbor's in search of his dog. What he found was a whole mess of trouble.

The 21-year-old's unexpected visit to his neighbor's yard last month turned truly bizarre after he allegedly cut down his neighbor's U.S. flag, slashed the tires on a car, and then stole a bunch of frozen pork out of a freezer. He then returned to his yard and burned the flag.

Bishop, who told Peru, Ind., police that he'd been drinking at the time, said he remembers taking his neighbor's flag, but not burning it.

According to the Pharos Tribune, "[Bishop] said he remembered burning his hand when he was trying to light something with a cigarette lighter, but couldn’t remember what he burned." He also told police that he was concerned about his drinking, since he "was doing well in nursing school and was up for a promotion at his job."

Bishop faces charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief and flag desecration.



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