09/10/2013 06:36 pm ET

Arizona Woman, Carole Ryan, Loses House In Wildfire But Finds Her Mother's Wedding Ring In The Ashes (VIDEO)

Carole Ryan was at a wedding in Prague when the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona tore through the town and destroyed her home.

According to a CBS5 report, Ryan was looking through the ashes with the Red Cross' very last sifter when she found one of the few items that could never be replaced: her mother's wedding ring.

"I screamed. I just screamed," she told CBS5, "I just could not imagine. I mean nothing else mattered once I found that ring."

Ryan said the ring was her most prized possession. She's had it since she lost her mother to cancer in 1962 when she was only 15.

The firebox she kept it in was destroyed but somehow the ring survived, buried six inches deep.

"Finding the ring meant so much to me, but what means almost as much is the joy this news has given other people," she told CBS5.

"The Red Cross workers and so many people saddened by the wildfire and the deaths have really enjoyed hearing this story. It has made so many smile, especially me."



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