09/10/2013 03:26 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2013

'Mistresses' Finale Reveals Father, Leaves Several Lives In Jeopardy (VIDEO)

At this point, ABC had better hurry up and renew "Mistresses" or they're going to have a lot of angry fans on their hands. While the season finale did answer a lot of the show's lingering questions, it also left viewers with two potentially devastating cliffhangers.

After surviving a brutal accident on the highway, Savi wound up in the hospital. Thankfully, both she and the baby were okay, though she was still in critical condition. Along the way, though, it was revealed that Harry had opened those paternity results, and he knew who the father was ... and who the father wasn't.

Despite knowing that Dom was the father of her baby, Harry told Savi that he chose her anyway. Unfortunately, Dom also declared his love for Savi, leaving her in just as much of a conundrum as before -- if not a situation even more complicated.

But then, out of nowhere, Savi's condition worsened and she flatlined. The episode ended by shifting back and forth between two dramatic scenes. One of those was Savi lying there as doctors tried to revive her. The other scene saw Elizabeth holding Karen at gunpoint, until Elizabeth's son Sam showed up. Elizabeth admitted to killing Sam's father, leading to an attack, a shot, and a spatter of blood.

Michael Slezak, writing for TV Line, was blown away. "OMFG may have been a 'Gossip Girl' tag line, but 'Mistresses' has bought it, totally owns it, and may now hold onto its rights for the next 10 years, thank you very much," he wrote. Zap2It's Andrea Reiher agreed, insisting that ABC pick up a second season after all that craziness.

While that decision has yet to be made, Alyssa Milano told E! Online that she's ready for it. "With Savi, I really want her to find some closure and to forgive herself and to be happy again," said Milano. "I think that's a big part of it for me, she needs to get to a place where she forgives herself."

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