09/10/2013 03:25 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2013

Tamra Barney Goes Bridezilla Over Dress Boutique On 'Tamra's OC Wedding' (VIDEO)

Well that didn't take long. It's only the second episode of "Tamra's OC Wedding," and "Real Housewife" Tamra Barney has already transformed into a bridezilla.

Tamra's wedding planner, Diann, suggested that Tamra and her bridal party check out a dress shop in Los Angeles for bridesmaid dresses. To say Tamra was unimpressed upon arrival would be a gross understatement.

“I feel like I’m in Tijuana!” she exclaimed. "It looks like a thrift shop!” She went on to describe the place as a "sh*thole," all before she'd even stepped foot into the boutique. She simply saw the dresses that were on display in the window and completely came unhinged.

So her wedding planner came up with a new plan, bringing a boutique to the women at Tamra's house. This proved a much calmer affair. Still, the blowup was exactly what The Stir's Rebecca Stokes was hoping to see. "As much as I love the idea of Tamra being this cool, opinion-less, bride who just really wants to get married, that attitude would make for a pretty boring show," she wrote. "That's why I was evilly glad to see her kick into Bridezilla mode this week ... Thank god it wasn't over her own dress, or Diann might not be alive.”

Wetpaint's Ryan Gajewski, though, was a little suspicious. Was that little freakout just for TV? From what viewers could see of the shop, it seemed perfectly fine -- certainly not a "sh*thole!"

The drama -- and craziness -- will surely continue on "Tamra's OC Wedding," Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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