09/11/2013 10:19 am ET

Arcade Fire's Win Butler Reveals Album Details

Fans finally got a taste of the new Arcade Fire album this week when the band released "Reflektor," the LP's title single that came with a highly interactive project and a standard music video. The track boldly goes past the seven-minute mark, and de facto band leader Win Butler says it won't be the only super-sized song on the forthcoming LP.

Speaking with BBC Radio1's Zane Lowe, Butler said the project was pared down from "50 or 60" songs and that a handful of them are quite long:

I think in Connecticut we were playing maybe 50 or 60 songs, like we literally played 60 songs while we were there and then kind of slowly refined it. It's longer than [2010 album] 'The Suburbs' – it's a double record – mostly down to the fact that the songs are a lot longer. I mean, 'Reflektor' is seven-and-a-half, there's another couple of seven-minute songs on the record and so it made more sense to stretch it out to two records with two distinct sides. It's more of a classic double LP vibe where you have to flip the side and it takes you to a different place.

(Transcription via NME.)

Butler also said the band's goal was always to do whatever it pleased. "I never wanted to be in a band that couldn't play whatever music we wanted to and I think that every record has been a project itself and some of the stuff on this record is really going to surprise people," the Canadian songwriter and singer said. "It's even more different than [the single] 'Reflektor,' I would say."

"Reflektor" features a touch of David Bowie. LCD Soundsystem alum James Murphy helped produce the album, which is among the year's most-hyped indie releases. Take a look at the video for "Reflektor" above.