09/11/2013 08:39 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

'Justice for Benghazi' Rally Predicts Crowd Of Thousands On 9/11, Gets Less Than A Hundred

A conservative Capitol Hill rally in support of aggressive investigations into last year's attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya only drew a handful of protesters Wednesday, a disappointment for organizers who had announced an expected turnout of as many as 5,000.

Think Progress reported that dozens of people attended the "Justice for Benghazi" Rally, put on by Patriots4America and Special Operations Speak. The two groups have been urging GOP leadership to push for a more complete accounting of the Sept. 11, 2012 assault on the American facility in Benghazi, an episode they believe was grievously mishandled by the President Barack Obama's administration.

Earlier in the day on Capitol Hill, Benghazi received a little more attention. HuffPost's Mike McAuliff reported that former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) held a media event in order to lobby for the appointment of a select committee to probe the 2012 incident.

West went as far as to say that he believed military action would be justified in Libya in order to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice.

"There was a consulate attacked, there were Americans killed," West said. "So I would think that we would be able to launch a very surgical military operation, to go in and bring the right type of justice to kill those who killed our Americans."

The "Justice for Benghazi" wasn't the only Sept. 11 event to fall far short of expectations. A "Million Americans Against Fear" truther rally, previously known as the "Million Muslim March," had a turnout of closer to 20 or 30. The prospect of a million Muslims marching on 9/11 sparked a firestorm in conservative circles, however, helping to bring publicity to a "2 million bikers" counter-demonstration, which eventually attracted thousands of motorcyclists in to the streets of Washington, D.C.



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