09/11/2013 10:47 am ET

Sneaky Cat Steals Dog's Lunch; Cat Lovers Everywhere Thumb Noses At Dog Owners (VIDEO)

Few philosophical debates have the staying power of cats vs. dogs.

But it looks like the feline team scored a new point in the never-ending competition, thanks to this hilarious video of a clever kitty stealing a dog's lunch from right under the pup's nose.

Although the YouTube clip lasts less than a minute, the efforts of the hungry cat have all the drama of a Hollywood thriller.

"Tensions run high when the dog lifts his head and the cat freezes to avoid being caught red-handed," notes MSN. "But once the dog settles back down, the furry thief collects his prize and the dog is none the wiser."

This cat would doubtless get along swimmingly with this very stubborn kitty burglar who refuses to relinquish the dog bed it recently took possession of.

Despairing dog owners can take solace, however, in this ridiculous clip showing a cat stealing a cookie, only to have the treat immediately stolen back by a dog. This time, the point goes to man's best friend.

So who really is smarter? The debate continues.



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