09/11/2013 04:30 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2013

'Dance Moms' Finale: Christi And Leslie's Fight Gets Physical, Gets Their Girls Kicked Off Team (VIDEO)

Take two "Dance Moms" and add alcohol. That's a guaranteed recipe for fisticuffs, and that's exactly what happened between Christi and Leslie. The women had been bickering all day, but their arguing escalated to physical violence after the moms went out for drinks in New Orleans. So much for a fun and relaxing evening!

Christi kicked off the battle by knocking Leslie's drink out of her hand -- she later threw her own drink at Leslie. This offense caused Leslie to lunge at Christi, and then it was on. When Leslie started beating Christi with her purse, things were so serious that one of the show's producers started to intervene, shouting, "Stop! Stop!"

"“I’ll f*ck*ing kick your ass!” Leslie shouted, continuing her assault. She was out of control at this point as she turned her attack against the poor producer in her attempts to get to Christi.

The outburst got both of the women's daughters kicked off the team -- at least for the length of the competition. It's a shame for the kids, but could it teach these moms to learn some self-control?

Zap2It's Andrea Reiher described the fight as "the most deplorable behavior we’ve ever seen on the show (and that’s saying something)." Lori Acken of Channel Guide Magazine thought it was reality TV Gold, but did add, "We have us a real, really embarrassing, catfight here," she wrote.

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