09/11/2013 05:34 pm ET

Second City's 'World War III' Kickstarter: 'The President Needs Your Help' (VIDEO)

Might Kickstarter be all that President Barack Obama needs right now?

In a new YouTube sketch that couldn't be timelier, Chicago's Second City Network took a jab at Democrats backing the president's push to launch a military intervention in Syria.

The satirical Kickstarter campaign video for "The World War III Project" from "The Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants, Did You Know He's Friends With Jay-Z?" packs a lofty fundraising goal -- $1,600,000,000 -- and plenty of zingers:

"World War III is a very important, very progressive war that Obama tells me is very important. So it must be!"

"I support World War III. And IV. And any moon war the president may want to start."

"Just think of all the hilarious GIFs we can make of cats reacting to their owners' homes being obliterated. Lots of shock, but tons of awwww."

Hit too close to home or spot-on?

h/t Gapers Block



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