09/11/2013 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Strong Babies' Pump Up Public Health Campaign (PHOTOS)

It's not surprising that these little boys and girls look so strong. Each has the strength of many babies -- literally, because the images are composites, ABC News reports.

Photographer Eric Sahrmann produced the images with photo retouching studio Alter for the City of Milwaukee Health Department's "I Want A Strong Baby" initiative (you can see animated versions of the babies on the campaign's site, here). The project won a silver Clio Healthcare award in 2011.

According to its website, "I Want A Strong Baby" is dedicated to promoting breastfeeding, immunization, early prenatal care, healthy eating during pregnancy, no smoking and full-term delivery.

"Having a single baby do any of the suggested poses was impossible. ... We cast dozens of babies, brought in a baby wrangler and had Eric Sahrmann photograph them in a variety of positions," Alter's website explains.

Strength in numbers, right?

strong babies 1

strong babies 2

strong babies 3



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