09/11/2013 01:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Things A Woman Notices About A Guy's Home (PHOTOS)

Guys have it easy when it comes to fashion (unless it's stained, a basic suit or a button down-nice pants combo can take them pretty much anywhere), but not when it comes to decor, it seems. The cliche that is the "bachelor pad" has existed for over a century and once married, men often find their stuff banished to the basement. Or, the bachelor pad-lite that is the "man cave."

But, going back to the bachelors: Women will notice nearly everything about your place. A few things, however, really stand out -- and will likely be discussed and dissected with friends after the fact. In no particular order:

1. Do you use Axe cologne as a room spray? Everyone notices the way another person's home smells, for better or for worse. But there's a certain subset of guys who are going off-label with their cologne sprays to infuse their space with "Turbo Manly Man" scents. Overall, you're better off just opening windows.

2. The whole toilet situation. There seems to be two types of bachelor bathrooms: "Minimalist" (a single towel, a single razor, etc.) or "Frat House" (probably was never cleaned).
dirty bathroom

3. That one lone candle. The prevailing thought is that women are the ones who buy and use candles. This is correct, but it doesn't mean men are alien to the charms of a scented candle. Many single guys seem to have one single candle in their apartment, either in the bathroom or by the bed. It's usually maroon or forest green. And it always seems a little creepy.

4. Hand soap. Is it a cracked, ancient bar of Dial soap by the bathroom sink? Or are you asked to use the dish liquid in the kitchen?
empty bathroom

5. The tissues by the bedside. May the universe help us if there is a lotion bottle next to it. Unseemly.

6. Cookware. The mere presence of (clean) pots and pans in a guy's apartment is a great sign, noting that he might actually be able to cook us a nice dinner sometime. Extra points for cookbooks.

7. Plants (living). If a guy can take care of a houseplant, it tells his lady guests that he's a little more attentive than the ones who manage to kill cacti.

8. Clean sheets. One editor recalled a college friend, who admitted that he thought sheets were just one of those things you never washed. Horrifying.
sheets on bed

9. The photos on the walls. In our digital age, we're not sure if people are still displaying photos -- but it was always charming to get a glimpse at a guy's family and friends.

These 9 things might be what women notice in a guy's place...but here are the deal breakers.

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