09/12/2013 05:41 pm ET

Meet Officer Scott Booecker, The Minnesota Cop Who Stuck A 360 On A Kid's Bike (VIDEO)

We love it when we get to see cops having some fun.

Officer Scott Booecker, 45, jumped on a kid's bike in Wyoming, Minn., and showed off some serious skills. Now, he's a viral sensation.

The video first skyrocketed to the front page of Reddit over the weekend after RUNMQT posted it. Since then, it's earned more than 1,400 comments -- including one from a Redditor who claims to know the teen behind the camera.

"The person who filmed it is my neighbor. The place just opened at the beginning of the summer and this cop is frequently there, always hanging out with the kids and hopping on bikes," Friskiestnut wrote. "It's pretty cool to see! He hands out baseball cards to the really young kids... I effing love baseball cards."

Booecker's clip even made it on ESPN2, according to WCCO. In fact, he's grown so popular that he's now being referred to as "the cop who can stick a 360." But he only heads over to the skatepark on his lunch hour.

“I’m not only impressed, I’m actually pretty proud,” Booecker's boss, Chief Paul Hoppe told the station.

“It’s not traditional, pass out the fliers, go to the community block parties,” he added. “It’s really about an officer getting out of his squad car, engaging the community.”

PSA: Make sure you watch the clip all the way through -- the end is where the true awesomeness goes down.

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