09/12/2013 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Georgie The Grey Seal Has Bad Eyesight, But She Was Rescued And Now Has A New Home (PHOTOS)

Tom Roy/Detroit Zoological Society

A grey seal pup who has trouble seeing was found stranded off the coast of Maine. Now, she has a new home.

Thought to be less than a year old, Georgie arrived at the Detroit Zoo in June. She was rescued near Georgetown by Marine Mammals of Maine and first stayed at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center at the University of New England.

Georgie wasn't fit to be released back into the wild, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration determined, because she has severely compromised eyesight. That may be why she wears such an adorable, surprised expression:

georgie the seal

Georgie arrived at the zoo weighing just 87 pounds, but has since gained more than 50 pounds. According to the zoo, the pup is "thriving." She lives at the Detroit Zoo's Arctic Ring of Life with four other seals, all rescued. Her rescue was the first supported by the newly Kalter/Lezotte Fund for Wildlife Rescue.

grey seal

Georgie is certainly adorable -- but she's not the only one. This seal was just a few days old when she was rescued on New York's Long Island. And rescue seal Red Square, rescued in Canada this summer, is as cute as he is "feisty." He was rescued after a woman spotted him on a beach, motherless and suckling on a log.



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