09/12/2013 12:37 pm ET

WATCH: Napping 92-Year-Old Man Gets Swept Into Flood Waters

The dramatic rescue of a 92-year-old-man in Colombia gives a whole new meaning to the word "lucky."

Roberto Blanco was napping by a river when he was swept away by fast-moving flood waters, BBC Latin America reported. He managed to take hold of a cable, maintaining a tight grip while police and passers-by tried to find a way to rescue him.

Eventually some rope was discovered and the man was pulled to safety.

Amazingly, Blanco said he was in the water for 90 minutes -- but walked away unharmed.

Earlier this summer, a man who was knocked unconscious after he flew out of his raft in white water in the state of Washington was dramatically rescued within seconds by a fast-thinking river guide.