09/13/2013 07:51 pm ET

Max Coronado, California Mega Millions Lotto Winner, To Send Sales Clerk On Vacation (VIDEO)

Winning the lottery can change your life, but this California man didn't let it change who he was.

Max Coronado, a senior from Bakersfield, Calif., has been playing lotto at his local Howards Mini Mart three times a week for years, and he's always been big-hearted about it.

“A long time ago when he had a $100 winning ticket that my daughter sold to him, he gave her a $10 tip,” Sue Park, the mini mart owner who sells Coronado his weekly tickets, told ABC.

Earlier this week, Coronado won a Mega Millions prize worth $1,567,705 -- and his gift back to Park increased accordingly.

In an interview with ABC, Coronado said he would be paying for Park's dream vacation back to her home in Korea -- a trip worth $10,000.

“It doesn’t matter whether he gives it to me or doesn’t,” Park said.

Speaking of generous lottery winners, who can forget Gloria MacKenzie, the Florida woman who won the $590 million Powerball jackpot this May, then planned to gift $2 million to a school in Maine.

In June, millionaire lotto winner Bob Erb left a $10,000 tip for a diner owner after discovering that his daughter had been diagnosed with cancer.

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