09/12/2013 06:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why You Should Incorporate This Surfer Slang Into Your Land-Locked Life

Sorry, braddah. Surfers are the coolest and you'll probably never be one. But don't let that one tiny obstacle stop you from being a major barney and adopting their oh, so cool vernacular. Check out surf slang below that you can totally incorporate into your land-locked life.

Ace: To be literally solitary or solo in your state of mind.
beach solo

Aggro: To be incredibly aggressive.
mad surfer

All buss up: To be drunk or stoned.

Alva: To be extreme or radical with no concern for danger or morality. Refers to Tony Alva, one of the most legendary skateboarders of the Z-boys skateboarding team.
tony alva

Amped: To be stoked, excited, ready for whatever.
obama shaka

Ate it: To have had a gnarly wipeout.

Bag: To leave, bail.

Barney: An immature surfer wannabe.
baby surfer

Beef: A difference in opinion, disagreement.

Beat: To be worn out, spent.

Bent: Mad, angry or belligerent.

Brah / Braddah: A friend or buddy.
surfer dudes

Cockaroach (KAH-kah-rohch): To steal.
stealing beach

Dank: Awesome, sweet.

Epi: A shortening of the word "epic."

Gnarly: Intense, dangerous, rough.

Try: Slang for "Please" as in, "Try move," "Try wait."



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