09/12/2013 04:11 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

'The X Factor' Season 3 Premiere: Alex And Sierra Steal The Show By Taking 'Toxic' Somewhere New (VIDEO)

The fall season is upon us, and first out of the gate is the third incarnation of Simon Cowell's "The X Factor." It's a formula as old as "American Idol," with the added benefit of a huge theater audience. Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio joined Cowel and Demi Lovato behind the dais, but it was made clear pretty quickly that the emphasis is on the talent up on that stage.

There were several impressive performances in this one-hour premiere, but the most surprising of the night was definitely Alex and Sierra. They also win the award for best response and most adorable couple ever! When Simon asked if they were brother and sister, Alex told him that they kiss, so that would be weird.

Nobody was sure what to expect when he told them the couple would be performing Britney Spears' "Toxic," but with a twist. Their take on it was slow, seductive and mesmerizing.

Entertainment Weekly's Annie Barrett was skeptical of the pair in the beginning, thanks to the show focusing heavily on the silliness of their lovey-dovey relationship. But they proved themselves. "They were good!" she admitted. "In a sort of reverse-Gotye and Kimbra situation, Sierra carried most of the song and Alex chimed in to support her and offer his own lead verse near the end. Her voice had a much stronger ‘establishing twang’ between the two, a twang which could get annoying. But their harmonies were nice.”

Over at HitFix, Daniel Feinberg found the couple very "commercial." He said that "they have a pretty fair amount of talent in a Civil Wars kinda way. And since Civil Wars is/are very successful it's pretty easy to know what a smart producer/label would be able to do with these kids.”

"The X Factor" Season 3 auditions continue on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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