09/13/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

How Do You Change A Bro-Dominated Culture?


It's getting harder and harder to separate the men from the bros. This week, Business Insider's chief technology officer, Pax Dickinson, was ousted after tech blog Valleywag noticed that he'd been airing sexist, racist opinions on Twitter for years. Then a friend jumped to his defense, saying his buddy was actually a "frequently hilarious performance-artist who tweets with a faux-brogrammer alter ego." And Dickinson attempted to channel all of the media attention toward a pitch for his real start-up. Sweet pivot, dude.

Perhaps the difference between parody tweeter and privileged twit would have been more pronounced if Dickinson's account had surfaced any other week. Mainstream news has been dominated lately by stories lamenting "bro culture" -- a term that used to be found solely on feminist blogs -- everywhere from Silicon Valley to the U.S. military to the financial sector to pockets of academia.

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