09/13/2013 07:42 am ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Katie Couric Refutes Rumor About Replacing Barbara Walters On 'The View'

Katie Couric strongly refuted a story on Friday that said she was in line to replace Barbara Walters on "The View."

The New York Daily News, citing anonymous "tipsters," wrote that Couric may move from her talk show to fill the seat of the departing Walters.

Couric's show has led in the ratings since it began in 2012. But there have been rumors that she may not want to continue with it past a second season. "The View," meanwhile, is having to grapple how to replace Walters, the sole journalistic heavyweight on the show.

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck left "The View" in July, some observers raised the prospect of Couric eventually replacing Walters. That prospect could possibly come to pass, the Daily News wrote:

One tipster says network honchos believe the timing is perfect for a switcheroo — as soon as Walters decides to go, Couric could seamlessly step in, with the network making it look like Babs had appointed her own successor.

Walters told the paper there was "no truth" to the rumor, and Couric herself called the notion "crazy":

Note: this story was updated after Couric responded to the report.



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