09/13/2013 02:27 pm ET

Raccoon Breaks In To Police Department, Avoids Arrest (VIDEO)

This bandit broke into the wrong building.

Video surveillance captured by the Gardendale Police Department shows a raccoon crashing through the ceiling before snooping about, WTSP reported.

After officers spotted the perp, the raccoon attempted to blend in with its surroundings by clinging to a door. Police were not fooled and booted the critter out.

Once outside, the raccoon made one more desperate attempt to get in by climbing on the outside door. Eventually he admitted defeat and ran off.

Raccoons are well known for their sneaky hijinks. One bandit was caught on video successfully nabbing some cat food before making a quick getaway on its hind legs.

In a more diabolical plot, a man hoping to put down a raccoon scratching on his back door accidentally shot himself in the shin when he sneezed. The man's injury was non-life threatening. While there's no direct evidence the raccoon caused the shooting, we're pretty sure it planned the whole thing.



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