09/13/2013 09:24 am ET

Tina Brown Talks Leaving Daily Beast, Launching Company: 'We're All Tired Of Screens' (VIDEO)

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Tina Brown spoke out on Friday about leaving the Daily Beast and forming her own media company.

Brown and IAC, the Daily Beast's parent company, are parting ways when her contract expires in January. She announced Wednesday that she will launch Tina Brown Live Media, which will focus on live events and expand the Women in the World conference.

On Friday's "Morning Joe," she said that her "real passion" now is building a live media company. "In the world of screens, we’re all tired of screens. That’s why I think that live events have become so popular. Because I think people actually want to get away from these," she said, holding up her phone. "They actually want to go out and have some human warm bodies."

Later, she added, "I think any focus that we can bring to the world of ideas and actual issues and current affairs that isn't actually about a soundbite or traffic hit is very exciting."

Brown said that she will "of course miss the Daily Beast," and will continue her literary life as she is writing her memoir.

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