09/15/2013 02:00 pm ET

Jeff Highsmith, Dad, Builds Pneumatic Transport System To Help The Tooth Fairy Out (VIDEO)

Over the years, kids have tried to wheedle just about everything out of the Tooth Fairy. Some adults even see the beloved character as a potential source of cash -- as a controversial attempt to commercialize "The Real Tooth Fairies" has recently revealed.

But MAKE Magazine video blogger Jeff Highsmith is trying to make life easier for the dental dignitary. In an effort to help her get to everything on her tooth-toting to-do list -- and, of course, delight his two small sons -- he designed a delivery system that would allow the Tooth Fairy to work from home.

Inspiration struck when his older son was about to lose his first tooth, Highsmith writes in MAKE. The dad got to thinking that "considering the ever-rising world population," the Tooth Fairy had it pretty tough these days -- so he "installed a pneumatic transport system (as at the bank drive-through) in [his] house, for the purpose of sending teeth to the Tooth Fairy, and receiving renumeration back from her." He built Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny into the system, too, for good measure.

It's clear from the footage above that Highsmith's son is impressed by the invention -- and although we have a hard time believing it's quite as "simple" to put together as dad claims in the video, we certainly are, too. Now, if only he could do something about Tooth Fairy inflation...



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