09/16/2013 07:43 am ET

Marwa O'da And Wissan Nassar, Refugee Couple Torn Apart By Conflict, Reunited In Canada (VIDEO)

Theirs was a romance that defied distance, war and statelessness.

Marwa O'da and Wissan Nassar first met seven years ago when they were living in Syria, according to Canadian news channel CBC.

"She was beautiful," Nassar told CBC.

Looks aside, the young couple also shared plenty in common. Both third-generation, stateless Palestinians, O'da and Nassar ended up in Syria after stays in Iraq, the Burnaby NewsLeader reported this summer.

Two years after meeting, the couple was engaged. But like thousands of other Palestinian refugees, Nassar and his family were sent to the Al Tanf refugee camp between the borders of Syria and Iraq. When the United Nations refugee agency closed Al Tanf in 2010, Nassar's family was taken in by Canada, leaving O'da behind.

"It was very hard because I didn't know if I met her again or not," Nassar told the NewsLeader. "But I promised her I will get married to her… When I left on the last day she started crying."

While the love story may be unique, the difficulties for Palestinians in Syria is anything but. The country's ongoing civil war has displaced nearly 235,000 Palestinians in two years of conflict, according to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA).

Now living in Burnaby, British Columbia, Nassar worked for years to arrange for O'da to join him in Canada. Eventually, he convinced the local couple who sponsored him to bring O'da to Canada, and last week the two were finally reunited, according to the CBC.

In a follow-up story published by the Burnaby NewsLeader last week, O'da reflected on her new home.

"It's quiet here, quiet and safety, there is no bombs or explosions," she told the NewsLeader, with her new husband by her side. "It's clean, all the streets are white... Here it's easy to walk, it's fantastic."



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