09/15/2013 10:08 am ET Updated Sep 15, 2013

Jared Leto Thinks All Men Should Wear High Heels


It turns out we have more to learn from Jared Leto than just haircare tips.

The "Dallas Buyers Club" actor's latest role has the heartthrob playing a transsexual drug dealer, a part he perfected with the input of transgendered women, Leto reveals in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan. "[They] taught me how to live," he said.

Perhaps the most perilous part of the actor's attempts? Wearing high heels. Though Leto reveals the experience was a constructive one:

"Well, I recommend that men try it. I think it'll give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for women around the world."

Jared told us back in May that he developed a "relationship" with the fancy footwear, so we trust his opinions on their effects. Just be careful not to hurt yourself, guys!

No word on this stuff, though:

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