09/16/2013 10:28 am ET

Liberal Arts Majors That Pay You Back: PayScale Data


A new report on the salary potential of colleges and majors from PayScale makes one thing pretty clear: an engineering student can expect to make a lot more than than someone studying creative writing.

Eight of the top 10 majors with the highest earning potential are engineering fields, according to PayScale, the other two rounding out the top being computer science and physics. A liberal arts major doesn't show up until "Government" lands at No. 14. The next liberal arts field comes in at 28 with "International Relations."

In case you're wondering about many of your favorite HuffPost scribes, "Broadcast Journalism" lands at No. 69, followed by "Journalism" at 72, coming in just ahead of zoology and geography.

PayScale's salary report is based on surveys collected from approximately 1.4 million employees. All jobs are included, not just those specific to the major, PayScale said, but advanced degrees are not considered.

Most liberal arts majors are likely used to being told they aren't going to make as much as their counterparts in the science and business colleges of their universities, though many would counter they chose their field because they found it more fulfilling.

Considering the top of PayScale's data was so heavily packed with technical fields, we decided to break out the liberal arts majors to reveal which ones have the highest earning potential.

Liberal Arts Majors That Pay You Back: PayScale Data