09/16/2013 02:22 pm ET Updated Sep 17, 2013

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Remembered In Shocking Video Of NYPD Arrests

One day before the two-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, a new film sheds light on the NYPD's controversial treatment of protesters.

Created by activist Paul-Henri Sullivan and his brother Justin, the short documentary shows ten arrests over the course of 87 minutes during Occupy's first-anniversary march.

“On the eve of the second anniversary of OWS it bears remembering that the occupations didn’t simply fizzle and dissipate,” said Sullivan, according to The Sparrow Project. "This video, shot last year on the morning of the first anniversary, not only reminds us of how difficult it is to protest when the NYPD is determined to shut you down, but also how the NYPD continues to suppress civil liberties in order to stamp out the movement.”

Watch above as cops, led by a "white-shirt" captain, grab protesters from the sidewalks and handcuff them. Sullivan says cops deliberately created "the spectacle of arrest" in order to intimidate other protesters. 185 protesters were arrested during last year's anniversary march.

A the end of the video, watch as Sullivan himself gets handcuffed.

[VIA The Sparrow Project]



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