09/16/2013 10:27 am ET

9/16/13-9/22/13 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to review this week's polling, look ahead toward future elections or whatever else you want to talk about. The thread will remain open until the end of the week.

Below, a roundup of some of the polling on last week's biggest issues:

Public against Syria strike resolution (CNN/ORC)
In U.S., Opponents Say Action in Syria Not America's Concern (Gallup)
Most Americans oppose strike on Syria (AP-GfK)
Opposition to Syria airstrikes rises as Republicans shift sharply against action (Post/ABC)
47% Favor U.S. Military Action Against Syria If Other UN Countries Involved (Rasmussen)
Americans' distaste for military strike on Syria is growing (Reuters/Ipsos)
Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Syria Strike, Want Obama to Back Down (United Technologies/National Journal)
Syria Strike Poll Finds Support For Military Action Keeps Falling (HuffPost/YouGov)

Other National Topics
Public doubts rise on surveillance, privacy (AP-NORC)
Tea Party Increasingly Unhappy with GOP Leadership (Pew Research)
Americans Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling Even If U.S. Defaults and Say Government Wastes 60 Cents of Every Tax Dollar (Reason-Rupe)
Five Years after Market Crash, U.S. Economy Seen as ‘No More Secure’ (Pew Research)