09/16/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Subway Accepts Onion's Fake 9/11 Coupon

They should have smelled this prank from a mile away, which is exactly how far away you can smell Subway's sugar-drenched bread.

First, the Onion published a fake Subway coupon advertising two foot-long subs for $9.11.

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“From the Structural Steel Melt on Tower 7–Grain bread to the Twin Chowers cold cut combo with Ground Zero–Carb vinaigrette on a Let’s Whole Wheat Roll, we’ve got something for everybody this Subtember 11," the promotion promised.

Actual Subway was not amused, tweeting:

But one Subway restaurant didn't get the message re: being offended. As Gawker reports, in the video above, a prankster and his friend successfully convince Subway sandwich artists to accept the coupons as legitimate.

From the YouTube description:

I played a prank on my friend and convinced him that The Onion's satirical 9/11 deal was a real promotion, and when he and my other co-worker (who was in on it) went to grab the food Subway actually honored the promotion. I gave my co-worker a blown up version of the picture that The Onion made for their article and they accepted it. I have a receipt showing a subtotal of $9.11 before taxes. My mind was blown.



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